Thursday, 9 May 2013

as it matter to me..


have you left alone..?
alone in the darkness.. even your shadow left you..
no one was there to help you, to bring you back to the life..
you are in pain, struggle to get to yourself back..
yea yea, it suck..!
it hurt.. your hurt..!

everything you want, its like a big lie.. its just a dream.. you don't even know it yet.. these dreams of yours, you can't achieve it all, not even one..?
it only matter to you.. no one even notice..
owh damn hurt..
you believe you can take all the steps to get the end.. the easy one..
the sweetest end you can think of..
but, you might not get to the end..
as you choose the wrong path, the wrong turn..
will you go back and start over..?
nope..! you just can't undo all of these..

as it matter to you..
make it happen.. believe in yourself..
you can have that beautiful ending..
work for it..

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