Wednesday, 1 August 2012


she is a young girl... seem to be a teenager.. 
when i look at her, there is something not right at her.. 
she smile widely... yea, a nice wide smile that make she look even prettier.. 
but wait...! 
what was wrong with her eyes..? 
those eyes, yes the pair of eyes are telling me she is sad.. 
but why...?

she try her best to hide her sadness and some confusion behind her personality.. 
love to talk, laugh a lot, easy-going, open-minded...
if i can ask her, i love to...
maybe she need someone to talk to.. hey come on, i can volunteer myself.. 

but then.... i realise ... 
she seem doesn't exist...she is just my dream..
but maybe...
she is the other side of ME... 

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