Sunday, 29 July 2012


entry ini penuh dengan cemburu.. 

agak poyo nak gune bahase inggeris dalam entry ni..

i admit that, i feel terrible for being sooooooo much of jealous to those pretty little girls, pretty ladies, pretty granny, pretty women.. owh.. am i soooo ' comot '..?
am i so ugly ..? i love to compare myself to other person.. yes... i love to compare myself with others and get jealous by their beautiness.. ( suke aku je buat pekataan baru )
yet, the level of jealousy will increase time-by-time, day-by-day.

sometimes, i do visit any personal blogs or FB just to watch their photos..
( i am not a stlaker, hahahha )
even worst, i google a few pictures just to be jealous..
owh dem.. it make it worst.. i get jealous easily ,, look at those beauty lips..!
look at these pair of bright eyes..! her skin, just look at it..! healthy black hairs, long hair for sure..


i always wanted beautiful, long and healthy hair..
for sure, almost all women dream of that..! i am Muslim and i wear 'tudung', but that is not an excuse for me to have bad smelly hair..

2.beautiful FACE
( include eyes, nose, smile, lip bla bla bla )

natural beauty..heh..! just two words that people always describe the real, not the fake one beautiful ladies..
make up..? they are naturally born to be beautiful ( thank u to their parents DNA) .. they are beautiful with or without make up.. but not toooo over ber-make up sampai tebal-tebal la kaaaaaaaaaaan... owh... senyuman akan menambakn lagi seri muke.. ^____^
i always wish to be one of them.. hooo hooooo...
yessss... i know, it will be my fairytale dream......

3. bertudung
ahaaaaaa.. jangan xtau.. ( tetibe BM pulak)
aku sangat-sangat jeles dengan sume-sume, sape-sape aje lah yang sangat cantik bertudung,,
muke da le cantik, kulit halus xde jerawat, putih pulak tu.. pastu sarung kan tudung.. xkisah la tudung bawal ke, shawl ke yang warne lembut-lembut, mcm pink ke an.. alaaaa... cantik nye..
kalo aku lelaki, mesti cair aku nengok.. hahahahha..
contoh nye.. wardina...heliza pun cantik jugak, comel pulak tu..

4. belong-ing
aaaaaaargh ape-ape aje lah... 
yang comel, cantik, sedap mate memandang.. 

i think i should stop here.. if i continue my writing, i can list all dem fu*king beautful things that i ever dream of.. hahahhahah.. i hate myself for being this person.. tapi, xbersyukur kah aku dengan segale yang aku ade..?
alhamdulillah.. memadai lah dengan usehe aku.. usehe sikit, jadi sikit lah hasil nye.. 
aku malas-malas jage muke, xkan aku nye muke bole cantik mcm sume-sume org yg aku jeles tu kan..?
be grateful with what i have and had.. although i am not beautiful like them, i am happy with my life... dan, aku pendek.. hahahah.. aku suke jek ngan ke-pendek-an aku ni.. xde msalah bagi aku...
hok hok hok~~